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Gorilla Rat Trap

Gorilla Rat Trap

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The Gorilla Rat Trap is a durable, robust solution designed to tackle even the most challenging rat problems. With its strong, precision-engineered spring-loaded back-break mechanism which is stronger than most standard snap traps, this trap ensures a quick and humane catch. It also reduces the discomfort for the rodent and provides an efficient solution for homeowners and businesses alike.

Suitable for use in a variety of environments, including indoors and outdoors, its durable design withstands the elements and repeated use. The trap is easy to set from behind to protect the operator's fingers, and is safe around children and pets when placed appropriately. Gorilla Traps contain 3 different settings to prevent smaller animals from setting off the traps. Opt for the Gorilla Rat Trap for a reliable, non-toxic approach to managing rat infestations.

Compatible with our rat bait stations.


68mm (height) x 75mm (width) x 138mm (depth)

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