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Rotech Rat & Mouse Attractant 30g

Rotech Rat & Mouse Attractant 30g

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Maximise the effectiveness of your traps with Rotech Rat & Mouse Attractant. This 30g tube of specially formulated gel-like attractant is irresistible to both rats and mice, increasing the capture rate without the use of harmful chemicals. Designed for use with a wide range of rodent traps, the attractant is easy to apply, coming in a convenient syringe format, and can help make your rodent control efforts more efficient. The attractant has also been specially formulated to match the unique behaviours and sense of smell of rodents.

Its non-toxic formula is safe for use in homes, businesses, and outdoor areas, ensuring that you can protect your space from pests without endangering pets or wildlife. With Rotech Rat & Mouse Attractant, you'll have a powerful tool in your pest control arsenal.

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