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Rotech Bullet Rat Box

Rotech Bullet Rat Box

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The Rotech Bullet Rat Box is a robust and secure solution for baiting and trapping rats. Designed for both professional and DIY use, this durable, compact bait station houses rat poison or traps safely away from non-target species, pets, and children.

Its tamper-resistant secure locking system with common universal key (sold separately) ensures that the contents remain secure. Its compact design allows for discreet placement in indoor or outdoor areas prone to rat activity including fixed to a wall. The baiting station comes with unique lock in holder for snap rat traps including Victor Rat Snap Trap, and Gorilla Rat Snap Trap. It also comes with compartments for grain bait as well as a rod for block and pasta bait.

The Bullet Rat Box is an essential component of an effective rodent control strategy, providing peace of mind with its safe and targeted approach to pest management. It is possible to purchase extra rods and dividers separately.


101mm (height) x 262mm (width) x 166mm (depth)

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