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Eradisect Clear Moth Hanger with Hook - 10 Pack

Eradisect Clear Moth Hanger with Hook - 10 Pack

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Keep your clothes moth-free with the Eradisect Clear Moth Hanger. This pack of 10 sleek hangers is designed for monitoring and protecting wardrobes, closets and food areas from moth damage discreetly. Each hanger comes with a hook for easy placement among your garments, and the clear design ensures they are unobtrusive. They can also be fixed to walls using a pinhole.

Safe for all fabrics, these moth hangers offer a non-toxic way to safeguard your clothing and food from moths. These hangers hold pads for both stored product (Ephestia/Plodia) and clothes moths (Tineola Bisselliella). The pads are also interchangeable.

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