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Defender 8 Stainless Steel Bird Spike - 1 Metre

Defender 8 Stainless Steel Bird Spike - 1 Metre

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Keep birds such as seagulls and pigeons away with our Defender 8 Stainless Steel Bird Spike. This 1-metre spike strip is an effective deterrent against birds perching or nesting on ledges, beams, windowsills, and more. Made from high-quality stainless steel made from super-durable durolon UV stablished polycarbonate. They are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to install.


100cm (length) x 15cm (width)

How to use:

1. Clean and disinfect area thoroughly

2. Once dry, apply silicon to the surface or base of the spike, and immediately press down firmly onto the surface. Alternatively, use cable ties for pipes and rails or screw on to wooden surfaces. These spikes can also be installed on windows and gutters using specific clips.

3. Rows of spikes should be no more than 65mm apart for pigeons and 100m for seagulls.

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