Ants crawling on paving stone

10 Tips on How to Stop Ants from Coming into Your House

Ants can be quite a nuisance when they enter your home. No matter what you do they always seem to find a way back - sometimes in even greater numbers.

However, with the right approach, you might be able to keep them at bay easily and effectively by yourself.

Drawing from our expert guide, here are ten effective tips you can apply to stop ants coming into your house.

#1 Understand Ant Behaviour

Understanding how ants operate including their basic behaviour and what attracts them is crucial. It's the first step if you want a good chance of defeating them yourself. Ants are social creatures living in large colonies of hundreds or thousands. They enter homes primarily in search of food or shelter.

Ants foraging for food

#2 Identify and Seal Entry Points

Inspect your home for tiny cracks and openings through which ants can enter. Seal these gaps with silicone caulk or another appropriate sealant to block their entry. To speed up the process, observe where ants are entering and leaving from.

Sealing ant entry points

#3 Keep Your Kitchen Clean

Ants are primarily attracted to food sources. Ensure your kitchen is clean at all times. Remember to wipe up spills immediately. Clean surfaces after use, store food in airtight containers, and never leave dirty dishes out overnight.

Cleaning kitchen surfaces

#4 Manage Your Waste Efficiently

 Regularly take out the rubbish and ensure your bins are regularly cleaned and always fully closed. Ants are attracted to leftovers and can easily make their way from the bin into your home. 

Good rubbish management

#5 Remove Standing Water

Ants search for water, especially in hot weather and dry conditions. Fix leaky faucets and ensure gutters are clean and draining properly. Eliminate any other sources of standing water around your home.

Cleaning gutters and drainage

#6 Trim Vegetation around Your Home

Branches and vegetation touching your home can provide ants with an easy route inside. Regularly, keep trees and shrubs trimmed back from your house.

Trim vegetation

#7 Use Natural Deterrents 

Natural remedies like vinegar, peppermint oil, or lemon juice can be a great first line of defence to deter ants. Spray these solutions regularly around entry points and the perimeter of your home as a natural repellent.

Use Natural Deterrents such as peppermint

#8 Employ Ant Baits and Traps Strategically

Ant baits and traps can be effective in controlling ant populations in and around your home. Place them near entry points and in areas where you have seen ant activity, but out of reach of children and pets.

Ant trap in use

#9 Practice Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance can prevent ants from entering your home. This includes repairing cracks in walls, ceilings, floorboards, skirting boards or foundations. Also, ensure that any window screens are fully intact.

Home maintenance

#10 Consider Professional Pest Control

If your ant problems persist despite your best efforts, it may be time to call in professional pest control services. They can offer targeted solutions and advice specific to your situation.

Professional Pest Control

Final Word

By following these 10 tips, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of ants making their way into your home. Keeping your space clean, minimising attractants and proactive maintenance can make the difference.

We go to great lengths to ensure that all our DIY ant control products are effective, safe & easy-to-use. You may also find our expert guide useful if you want to learn more about getting rid of ants from your home or workplace.

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