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Rotech Snap-in-a-Box Mouse Trap - Clear

Rotech Snap-in-a-Box Mouse Trap - Clear

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Introducing the Rotech Snap-in-a-Box Mouse Trap, is a ready to use mouse trap in a box. This unique trap combines the efficiency of a traditional snap trap with a secure housing. Simply pull the cord from the lid of the box to set the trap and it's ready to go. This trap allows you to monitor catches through an indicator hole in the lid without having to open the box. 

Safe to use around children and pets when placed correctly, the trap is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. The box can be locked using universal keys (sold separately). Reusable and easy to clean, the Rotech Snap-in-a-Box Mouse Trap offers a humane, non-toxic approach to controlling mouse populations, making it an essential tool for homeowners and pest control professionals alike.

Dimensions: 62mm (height) x 140mm (width) x 115mm (depth)

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