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10 Tips on How to Catch a Mouse in Your Home

Trying to catch an uninvited mouse in your home can be frustrating! It may always be hidden from sight and give little away to tell you where it is hiding.

With the right approach, it’s a situation you can confidently manage. But it's important to not leave anything to chance and to take action immediately.

Here are 10 tried-and-tested tips on how to catch a mouse in your home. Take action now by following these tips to make your home mouse-free once more.

#1 Understand Mouse Behaviour

To catch a mouse you need to put yourself into their shoes. Understand what drives their behaviour especially when it comes to food, water and shelter. Mice are naturally curious but also wary of new objects in their environment. You may want to give them some time to get used to the traps by placing deactivated ones in their space for a few days before you set them.

Mouse Coming Out To Feed

#2 Choose the Right Trap or Solution

There are various types of mouse traps available, including snap mouse traps and the more humane live mouse traps which catch them alive. Initially, you may also want to consider ultrasonic mouse repellents and electronic traps. Each has its merits, so select one that aligns with your comfort level and ethical preferences.


Live Mouse Trap

#3 Select the Right Bait

Many mice traps require a bait for attraction. Mice love seeds and nuts, as these are staples in their natural diet. Peanut butter is also a highly effective bait due to its stickiness and enticing aroma.

Mouse Eating Nuts

#4 Place Traps Strategically

Mice tend to travel along the edges of rooms, so position your traps against walls with the trigger sections facing the baseboard. This increases the chances of catching a mouse as it passes by.

Placing trap strategically

#5 Regularly Inspect Traps

Check your traps regularly for any sign of success. A quick regular check ensures that any caught mice can be dealt with promptly. You may need to remove caught mice, re-bait the traps or move them to a new place.

Inspecting caught mouse

#6 Always Wear Gloves

For hygiene and to keep human scents off the traps, always wear gloves when handling traps. Mice have a great sense of smell and are less likely to approach a trap that smells like a human.

Wear gloves to stop mice smelling you

#7 Relocate Captured Mice

If using live mouse traps, release the mouse at least 2-3 miles away from your home to prevent them from finding their way back. This may sound like a long distance, but mice have been found to find their way back if left too close.

Releasing trapped mouse

#8 Go All-In on Day One

The first night is often the most successful so put as many traps out as possible. Mice have not yet grown wary of the threat of traps and so are easier to trap. Set traps every 50cm-100cm in areas where you believe mice are present.

Many Mouse Traps

#9 Tidying Up

Mice love clutter and rubbish as it gives them somewhere to hide and feed. Reduce the amount of space they can live in and hide by clearing away all clutter and maintaining high cleanliness standards.

Cleaning house to prevent mice

#10 Consider a Pest Control Professional

Always be prepared to hire a professional pest control expert, even if it's going to cost more money. You may wish to consider a professional if you are unsuccessful in catching the mouse yourself. Alternatively, you may feel as though the situation is getting out of control.

Professional Pest Control For Rodents

Final Thoughts

Applying these 10 tips means taking control of your living space once more. Remember, the key is to act quickly and persistently. Remember that it's your home, so you have the power to take the action that's required.

Empower yourself with knowledge. Approach the task with the comfort that you're doing the right thing - for your home, your family and your possessions.

We go to great lengths to ensure that all our DIY mouse control products are effective, safe & easy-to-use. You may also find our expert guide useful if you want to learn more about getting rid of mice from your home or workplace.

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