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Rotech Mouse Snap Box - Black

Rotech Mouse Snap Box - Black

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The Rotech Mouse Snap Box is a durable and discreet solution for mouse control. This black snap box is designed to conceal mouse traps and bait, keeping them away from children and pets while effectively catching mice. Its tamper-proof design ensures safety and security, making it ideal for use in homes, garages, and commercial spaces.

Easy to set and reset, this snap box can be used with various types of mouse traps and baits, and comes with the option to set the trap from outside with a pull cord as well as a an inspection slot for quick rat trap inspection .The Rotech Mouse Snap Box also comes with a secure locking system with common universal key (sold separately) and is an essential tool for anyone seeking a safe and effective way to manage mouse populations.


62mm (height) x 140mm (width) x 115mm (depth)

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